Our Care Team

Here at Town and Country Animal Hospital we have very compassionate  Veterinarians to provide your pet with the best medical care, we also have our knowledgeable  receptionists, caring veterinary technicians and assistants, a very talented groomer and attentive animal care assistants. All of our staff has been trained in Fear Free, everyone here is dedicated to making your companion pet feel comfortable during their visit here and help you, the pet owner, understand your pet and preventative health care medicine.

Bi-weekly staff meetings and continual training and learning keeps all of our staff focused on client services, updates in medicine and diagnostics, as well as new products.

We encourage our clients to bring your pets favorite toy or treat with you for every visit and we do encourage ” Happy Visits” anytime!  We take the fear out of vet visits by having you stop by with your pet for a friendly scratch behind the ear and a treat. Please call ahead to make sure we can personally greet your special friend.

Our Practice Manager

Our Veterinary Practice Manager ensures that daily operations run smoothly here at Town and Country Animal Hospital, allowing our veterinarians to focus solely on practicing medicine rather than the many details of running a business. She takes care of client relations, education, patient and staff comfort/managment and community involvements. She can always be found with a paw-sitive, motivational attitude, organizing items the rest of the crew is piling onto her desk.


Practice Manager

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Our Office Manager


Our Knowledgeable Reception Team

Our Veterinary Receptionists are usually the first interaction you have at Town and Country Animal Hospital, be it on the phone or in person. They will welcome you to our hospital and assist you in any way they can, answer your calls, schedule your appointments, process your prescription refill requests and much more. Our friendly Reception Team will be your go to for all your questions! They can help you, the pet owner, and your pet feel less nervous about visiting the vet, which makes the experience easier for everyone.





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Lead Receptionist

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Receptionist / Marketing

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Customer Service Representative

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Our Caring Technician Team

Our technicians and assistants provide primary patient care as well as medical, surgical, anesthetic and diagnostic assistance to our amazing veterinarians. They are extremely knowledgeable and are able to assist our doctors in providing a significant amount of education to our clients.



Veterinary Technician

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Veterinary Technician

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Fear Free Lead

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Registered Veterinary Technician

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Registered Veterinary Technician

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Our Veterinary Assistant Team






Veterinary Assistant


Veterinary Assistant


Veterinary Assistant

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Our Talented Groomer

Our Groomer plays a vital part in the well-being and happiness of your cats and dogs, as regular grooming helps to ensure they are healthy and comfortable. How much grooming your pet needs depends on their breed, age and health. Our groomer will notify the veterinarian immediately, should she notice any abnormality, such as skin issues or external parasites to get your pet the best treatment available.



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Our Attentive Animal Care Assistants

Our Animal Care Assistance Team is here to take care of your companion pets during their stay with us. In addition to keeping your pets and their kennels clean, our animal care assistants will feed and water your pets, see to their exercise, and if needed, administer medication. Should our Animal Care Assistants notice anything unusual, they will notify a Technician or Veterinarian immediately to assure your companion pets safety during their stay here at Town and Country Animal Hospital.


Animal Care Team Leader

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Animal Care Assistant

The Ones Behind The Scenes


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