We are happy to announce that our new VitusVetApp will now be available to you!

As we are always trying to make improvements and give our clients the best experience possible we have decided to change apps. We were using PetDesk but are making the switch to the VitusVet app. You can use VitusVet for appointment and refill requests and communications. The switch will occur this evening and all our clients that have a current email address on record should receive an email this evening about downloading the new VitusVet app. After installing the new app please make sure to use the email we have on file here at Town and Country Animal Hospital when setting up your account. Using this email is what allows the app to sync your pets information. As for our clients that have been using the PetDesk loyalty program, we will honor those treats accumulated so far until the end of the year. If you have any questions regarding the new app please feel free to contact us. Thank you so much for your continued support. Our new VitusVet app will give you the opportunity to enrich the quality of life for your pet without the extra legwork! After all, we all want to provide the best care for our pets — they’re family! But in today’s fast-paced world, we don’t always have the time to make repeated calls to the vet or remember to bring medical records to appointments or to the groomer.With our VitusVet app, your pet’s health management is in your pocket!You can request an appointment through the app and receive reminders via the app or text message. Say goodbye to phone tag. 

Need to refill your pet’s medication or products? No worries! The VitusVet app displays your pet’s current medications and preventatives, like flea and tick treatments or heartworm prevention, with the option to request refills. Our VitusVet app also lets you request medical records, take photos of vaccination or lab records and upload them into the app and log information regarding medication including allergies and medical history.